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Happy new year to all of you from The Orchids.


The Orchids have some feedbacks from recording labels about their new songs. If you know about record labels feel free to help the cause and let me know about it.


The Orchids are going to make an acoustic set for the radio program Soundwave on

This is a site about the DJ of the show:

Here it is a note about the show:


John Cavanagh with his weekly show of eclectic pop spanning the last century or so.

John Cavanagh's involvement in music crosses over to his "working" life: for the last decade, he's been a radio presenter, mainly for the BBC. In that time he's presented music programmes (notably BBC Scotland's Original Masters and Jump the Q, The Radio One Rock Show and Radio Five's Earshot), appeared on all of the BBC's radio networks and the World Service.

He also doubles as a newsreader / continuity announcer and voice over artist, and he hosts the weekly jazz programme "Be-Bop to Hip-Hop" on BBC Radio Scotland.

John says: "One thing I've never been involved in is the kind of radio governed by a computerized playlist system, so instead of offering the same music on radio over and over, I've been fortunate to have covered artists ranging from new (and at the time, many unsigned) Scottish bands like One Dove, bis, The Delgados, Teenage Fanclub, Adventures in Stereo, The Kaisers... to visiting players... among their number Dick Dale, Calvin Johnson, The Crickets, Edith Frost, Marc Almond, Simeon/Silver Apples, Scotty Moore, Jimmie Carl Black, Eugene Chadbourne, Delia Derbyshire, Belly, Ed Kuepper, Dave Davies, all of that - and literally hundreds more were for my BBC Radio Scotland shows alone."

A Radio Six Production


The Orchids had a special on the Italian RADIO3 program called Battiti (Beats) on the 10-11-2005. They broadcasted three songs from their reissues on LTM. Here it is a link to the playlist of the show that it is called Battiti (Beats). Mr. Catalano is the DJ hosting the program and he also wrote a review of their reissues and they will appear on an Italian magazine called Blow-Up on the December issue. The Dj is going to send me a CD with the program..........


The Orchids have another new song on it is titled: Saturday Night.


The Orchids have a new song on it is titled: The Last Thing.

Here a short video taken in the studio... click here


Great features added to this site:

The Orchids Mailing List and The Orchids Forum.

Feel free to sign up and get connected to the wonderful band news.


Listen people out there The Orchids are recording next September!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Band is booked into record two or three new songs in September at Riverside Studios in Busby, Glasgow.

The recorded songs will be chosen between the following ones:  

"Last Thing"



"Bad Line"

From I got the following details about the recording studio:

..... A word about the studio and its staff. It’s called riverside, and it's in a place called Busby, in south Glasgow. The place is run by two brothers - Johnny Cameron runs one studio whilst Duncan is recording us in another part of the building. Each brother has a grown-up son working with them, so there's a familial atmosphere about the joint. They are all a really friendly, chatty bunch; Duncan is an excellent engineer and calming presence, and I just found out today that he and his brother are married to two sisters......


At if you visit Top seller section you will see that The Orchids are at #1.......

Two Top 10 albums.......

And Three, yes I repeat, Three Top 20 albums........

Well that's really indie world domination!!!!!


In the gigology section there is a new list of all the gigs that The Orchids took from 1986 to 1995.

Please feel free to suggest or remember any stories connected to these wonderful gigs.


All of you out there LTM and The Orchids are presenting the wonderful trilogy:

LYCEUM + SINGLES ( Sept. 2005 )



I am just having a preview of the wonderfully remastered and packaged all time classics delivered in the late 80s and early 90s from the band we all love.

The CDs sounds great and I hope all of you will get a copy as soon as possible. They are available directly from the label at the following address or at the mail order contained in the LTM link:


Well long time no updates but The Orchids are working for us.

They have recorded two new songs and they will send them to some labels......

In the meantime they are rehearsing the back catalogue for future gigs.

Requests for live gigs and requests to the band are open please email to the site and we will see what it is possible to deliver.


The Orchids back catalogue will be out on LTM!!!!

LTM is going to release their complete works for Sarah Records on three CD. All remastered and nicely packaged!!!!!

Click here for more infos


Great news for The Orchids:

there is a rumour about the reissue of the complete Sarah Records catalogue of The Orchids in the next autumn. Three CDs are in the plans but the track list is still in progress.

The band is planning to perform live next summer in some venues around Glasgow. more detailed news to come as soon as we can. They are rehearsing new (about 8) and old (about 15) songs for the live set.

Added release on the discography section.


Added some historical scans to the website explore it and see them.


Added cover scans on the Discography section. Formats are different because of the different scans sizes. I preferred to leave them untouched.

More and more to come!!!!


Added some historical scans to the website explore it and see them.


After The Field Mice Reissues are out on LTM the game is open. They sound gorgeous and the artwork is good too!!!! Great remastering!!!!!

The Orchids Reissues and/or unreleased material could come out for our pleasure in the next months. Stay tuned!!!!


Happy New Year and I think it will be happy!!!

Rumors are going around and surprises will come out from The Orchids. In the mean time I have updated the discography section and added the gig-ology one. I want to thank all of you giving material to put up here.